"Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them."

-Francesco Guicciardini

Join us in making and connecting new friends.

Explore the world, with a friend.

PicMe is not just an application, it is an unforgetable experience. Find friends, explore the city, define your world.

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Create and join social meet ups

Connect with others, by creating events at public locations to meet up. Need a lunch companion? Want to see that concert with a group? Try PicMe.

See and Share moments from People Nearby

See the experiences and moments from exciting events hosted on this app. You can even share your own moments for people to see.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the team responsible for this project

Nuthapol Suppakitjarak

Developer and Co-Founder

John Nguyen

Developer and Co-Founder

Jeff Forlenza

Chief Marketing Director

Brianna Claggett

Creative Director

Jerry Hsiang

Business Development

Our team consists of ambitious people that are willing to work day and night for the purpose of helping people explore the world around them and make new connections.

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